Текстильная лента Textile Band

Текстильная лента. Многолетний опыт применения эластичных жаккардовых тканей позволил нам приступить в 2014 году к производству новой более длинной ленты и с большим количеством петель по сравнению с более ранними версиями.
бренд: Sidea
продюсер: Sidea Srl
Модель: Текстильная лента Textile Band
код: 0600-0601

Текстильная лента Textile Band


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Cod. 0600 Textile Band. The long experience in the elastic jacquard fabric has led to the production of this new model; longer and equipped with more slots respect to the elastic previously produced. The goal was to achieve maximum versatility in any use; rehabilitation, stretching and generally in all the toning activities. For this reason the new Textile Band is 145 cm long and is endowed with 8 slots of 15 cm, with a central slot 25 cm, which allow any exercise.
Composed of several covered elastic band in a jacquard fabric the Textile Band resists tears, is not easily subject to the cut of the shoes, as the elastic rubber, and is non-deformable, even if used in water.

length : 145 centimeters
height: 4 centimeters
Colour: red/grey
material: elastic fabric
Resistance: medium strength 15 kg - light strength 10 kg